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I began my music interest as a young boy latching onto 'At the Hop' as a favourite song. I began to play trumpet in the 5th grade but I was never very good. In my second time through the 7th grade I switched to tuba. I liked playing the tuba a lot more but didn't continue my school music career past the ninth grade.

I didn't play any instrument for about a year until my 18th year when my friend, Billy, showed me a couple guitar riffs. Soon I was playing barre chords and busking on M street, Georgetown in Washington DC and then later at King Street in old town Alexandria with my friend Billy. We also went to three or four open mics in the Northern Virginia area a week. Then I moved to New Mexico in late 1989.

I wasn't much for singing when I was younger. In fact I didn't really start singing until my 30's.

I play a quasi-folk style with a heavy right hand Blues accent. I love a good, fast strumming rhythm. I even put too many strums for covers I play!

I'm going to use this this site to show works in progress and news of what I'm doing. Finished songs I'll upload to my soundcloud page.

You may contact me here if you like. Words of encouragement are...encouraged, insults less so but send them anyways, perhaps I'll learn something. If I get questions maybe I'll make an FAQ page.


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